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KOI fish

In the past the koi-s had different names in Japan: irogoi-kolored carp, hanagoi-floral decorated carp and moyoogoi-unreal, fantasy colored carp. Nowadays the Japanese koi-s are called nishigikoi, which means, brocade decorated carp. To understand what coi-s are we must know their history.
The time and the place of the first occurrence of koi-s is not known, but the opinion prevails that they were cultured in Persia, and from there transferred to China and Japan. The first written sources of koi-s were found in a Chinese book from the time of Western Chin dynasty in the years 265 to 316 AD. Regardless of the early development of koi-s it is known that the koi-s we know today were developed in the Japanese mountains of Niigala, located on the island of Honshu.The koi was first publicly introduced in 1914 in Tokio. The people were impressed by their beauty and some specimens were immediately transferred to the imperial state ponds in Tokio. The coi carp soon became the symbol of prestige and has spread throughout Japan. Unlike other ornamental fish are koi-s real "jewels" because they can grow to be very large, which gives them a powerful appearance. There are various color variations of koi carp, and by the selective breeding they are constantly gaining new examples, allowing the fans to have a large selection in variety. Their brilliant colors and uniqueness earned them the name "living jewels". Because of that, the top koi-s reach the prices of luxury cars or houses.
I have two breeding flocks of koi-s, one native to Europe, and the second one, which I brought from Japan in 2011. The koi-s which I sell are bred here the natural way and are very well adapted for this area and our environment.

KOI mix up to 10 cm

Price: 4,00 €

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KOI mix from 10 to 15 cm

Price: 6,00 €

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KOI mix from 15 to 20 cm

Price: 9,00 €

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KOI mix from 20 to 25 cm

Price: 13,00 €

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KOI mix from 25 to 30 cm

Price: 18,00 €

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KOI mix from 30 to 35 cm

Price: 25,00 €

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